Fangoria reports that Kevin Tenney (Witchboards) has directed a new zombie film, Brain Dead. The screenwriter Dale Gelineau, a longtime friend of Tenney's who gave them details on the project. Here is a tidbit:

"Brain Dead started a long time ago when Tenney's career and my own were stalled in the breakdown lane," Gelineau tells Fango. "I had written one episode of a TV show and the release of Witchboards kept getting pushed back. We were living in the same cheap apartment building, we were represented by the same worthless agent and our wallets were on the same low-fat diet. Impatient to get our lives rolling and having nothing to lose, we decided to put together an independent project and shop it around. I started writing a comedy/horror script which I called SLASH, a story about two escaped convicts-one of them a psychotic killer-two pretty coeds-one of whom is in love with the other-and a famous televangelist and his starry-eyed secretary who all have the misfortune of getting stuck in an abandoned cabin in the mountains while a giant, buglike alien with a sweet tooth for human brains lurks outside and skull-sucks them one by one.

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