We have two new clips from the new Californication episode, Blues from Laurel Canyon, which airs this Sunday, December 7 at 10 PM ET on Showtime. Click below for a clip featuring Hank being accused of being a character in Mia's book and another with Hank and Karen leaving Lew's terrible party.

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To celebrate the release of Mia's book, Ashby hosts a soiree at the manor. At the party, Karen reveals to Hank that she hasn't read Mia's book. Back from rehab, Marcy tries to avoid the powdered temptation all around her. Becca is devastated when she discovers Damien making out with another girl. And, after spotting Daisy with Ronny Praeger, Charlie tells Marcy he wants a divorce. Later, just as the madness is winding down, Janie Jones arrives. As Ashby tries to work up the courage to go downstairs to see her, he does a line of some very bad coke.