Variety had reported on Thursday, that Bryan Singer would not be returning to direct Superman: The Man of Steel. The publication also mentioned that Brandon Routh would not be returning in the film as well:

The next Superman we will see on the big screen will not be Brandon Routh, but a younger Superman among a cast of youthful superheroes in Justice League of America.
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Now, Latino Review has posted a story confirming that DC Comics had informed them weeks ago that Routh would not be in the next film. They were asked not to reveal this information to the public, but since Variety spilled the beans, they decided to write a story confirming the news. The site says:

Variety has now confirmed what we've secretly known for a while and Brandon Routh will be replaced in the stand alone sequel by whomever is cast as Superman in the upcoming Justice League of America movie.

At this point, Warner Bros. has not mentioned anything about these revelations.