Comic Book Resources has obtained a copy of a page from the SAF Reporter which says that Brandon Routh will be playing Dylan Dog, the lead role in the upcoming Dead of Night movie, based on the 'Dylan Dog' comics created by Italian comic creator, Tiziano Sclavi.

The 'Dylan Dog' comics have been republished in America by Dark Horse Comics, and tell the story a poor investigator of the supernatural. Unlike many horror comics, the 'Dylan Dog' comics have a strong sense of surrealism, and in many of the stories, the true monster is a human being doing something terrible.

Dylan Dog's depiction in comics was based on the appearance of Rupert Everett. Ironically, Everett stared in the film Dellamorte Dellamore, which was based on a novel written by Tiziano Sclavi. In it, Everett plays Francesco Dellamorte, who was a sort of Italian alter-ego for Dylan Dog, and wore the red and black outfit Dylan Dog wears throughout the comic series.

Dead of Night is being directed by David R. Ellis (Snakes on a Plane) and begins shooting in Connecticut later this year.