Michael Cera is making his directorial film debut with today's premiere of his short Brazzaville Teen-Ager on JASH, a new comedy collective on YouTube. Michael Cera co-wrote, directed and stars, alongside Charles Grodin, Grammy nominated R&B star Kelis and Jack O'Connell. The story follows a son on a desperate and awkward quest to aid his sick and distant father. Check out the trailer, then CLICK HERE to watch the premiere at 4 pm.

This is a truly unique offering from a comedy website, a short dramatic film. It is not a sketch or a parody. It is a fully realized, big budget short you'd see at any film festival in the world. It is a real departure for Michael Cera, as well as genuine achievement as a budding writer-director, collaborating with 82 year-old author Bruce Jay Friedman on the script.