Brea Grant is starting to tease us with details about her super-speedy character on the new season of Heroes. Grant spoke to the AP, along with her co-star and on-screen rival, Masi Oka, who plays the time-travelling Hiro.

Oka describes Grant's Daphne as the Joker to Hiro's Batman. "Her character is supposed to be Hiro's Joker," Oka says. "Batman has The Joker. Hiro has Daphne. This is the season where Hiro finally finds his arch nemesis, and it happens to be this Speedster. I kind of equate it more to Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner, except Daphne says more than 'meep-meep.'"

For her own part, Grant doesn't know a whole lot about her character, other than that Daphne's superpower gives her superhuman speed. Grant doesn't know where Daphne is from, but knows that she calls herself the Speedster, and that she can leave a supersonic wake in her path.

"I'm stealing a secret that's been kept in Hiro's family for a long time that he's just now found," Grant says of one scene from the new season. "He stops time right as I grab it, but in that second it took him to grab it, I almost make it out of the office."

Heroes is an epic drama that chronicles the lives of ordinary people who discover they possess extraordinary abilities. The show airs Monday nights on NBC.