We recently learned that a Breaking Bad Movie is being planned and AMC was doing their best to keep it a secret. While the network hasn't come out to confirm the news just yet, every indication is that we're going to see Jesse Pinkman return for at least one more story set in the world of Walter White's famous blue meth. But will Bryan Cranston return as his teacher turned legendary drug dealer? The actor has pretty much ruled it out.

Bryan Cranston was recently being interviewed in honor of his latest Broadway show, a stage adaptation of the movie Network. During the interview, the subject of the Breaking Bad movie came up. Cranston tried to play coy when asked to confirm whether or not the Breaking Bad movie is actually happening. He didn't do a particularly great job of acting surprised. But when pressed, this is what he had to say about it.

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"What? Are they going to show me on a slab or something? I have no idea. I've never seen a script. I assume something is happening but maybe? Maybe not. There's a lot of hyperbole swirling around that whole thing."

There are no loopholes to slip through. Walter White is dead. Plain and simple. But what about a cameo in a flashback or dream sequence? It's been reported that Aaron Paul will return as Jesse Pinkman and it would make sense for him to spend some time thinking about Walter and the other demons from his past. However, Bryan Cranston pretty much ruled out the possibility entirely, even though he would very much like to do it.

"I'd love to do a Breaking Bad movie, but I'm doing Broadway now and that's gonna go until March at least."

It's not that anyone was expecting Bryan Cranston to come back as Walter White in the flesh, as it would sully what was accomplished in the series finale. But a cameo would have been a nice tip of the hat. What we know is that the movie is expected to begin filming later this month in New Mexico. It's been going under the working title of Greenbrier and will follow Jesse Pinkman after he escapes at the end of the series.

Breaking Bad concluded five years ago and love for the show has hardly died down during that time. Over the years, both Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul have expressed their willingness to revisit the world of the hit series, as long as creator Vince Gilligan was involved and that it felt right. Previously, it looked like the best chance for that to happen was via a small cameo on the spin-off/prequel series Better Call Saul. Now, at least as far as Jesse Pinkman is concerned, it looks like something far more significant is on the horizon. He's just going to have to manage without Walter White. This news originated with Today.