Vince Gilligan's Breaking Bad Movie is reportedly a sequel that follows Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman. It was revealed earlier this week that Gilligan is writing and possibly directing a movie entitled Greenbrier, and production is due to start later this month in New Mexico. Neither AMC or Gilligan has confirmed that the movie is happening, but all signs seem to point to yes at this time, especially since Sony is involved. The writer recently signed a three-year deal with the studio.

The Breaking Bad movie is expected to take place directly following the events of the series finale, with Aaron Paul's Jesse Pinkman making his getaway. So far the only bit of information that has been released is the brief synopsis, which says that the movie will, "(track) the escape of a kidnapped man and his quest for freedom." Additionally, there has been speculation that the movie will be made for television, since Vince Gilligan's deal with Sony is for TV. Obviously, this has not been confirmed, but it's starting to get pretty exciting.

Jesse Pinkman's new story will certainly be of interest to fans of Breaking Bad and will be huge, no matter where it's released. Plus, if the movie is set directly after the events of the series finale, we could even possibly see the return of Bryan Cranston as the iconic Walter White. The character didn't make it out alive, but we could see some flashbacks, which could even show other cast members as well, including Bob Odenkirk's Saul Goodman. Breaking Bad fans have been waiting to see Aaron Paul and Cranston appear on Better Call Saul, which could be happening sooner, rather than later.

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Where is Jesse Pinkman going to go after the events of the Breaking Bad finale? He'll be on the run, but where is he going to go? Whatever the case may be, Vince Gilligan must have come up with a satisfying story, five years after the finale. Pinkman's whole life was turned upside down many times over the course of the hit AMC series, but it will be very cool to see how he lives his life without Walter White and his gigantic drug empire.

Aaron Paul has yet to officially confirm that the Breaking Bad movie is happening, but if all of the clues line up, we could see an announcement very soon, especially since so there's such a huge buzz surrounding the project at this time. It's not even clear if Vince Gilligan will be helming the movie. Regardless, it's been five years since we last saw Paul as Jesse Pinkman and it seems like now is the perfect time to bring him back into the world and finish his story. This is a developing story, and more news is expected to be announced soon. This news was first reported by /Film.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick