Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston are back up to their old tricks today. The pair have been teasing a big announcement, first sharing an image of two jackasses. Now they have both shared the same image of their impending reunion, which has set speculation into overdrive. Is this our first look at the upcoming Breaking Bad Movie? Is it a coffee commercial? Or have the dubious pair behind Jesse Pinkman and Walter White agreed to appear in a nature hike reality show together?

We really don't know. The two donkeys in the first image could have been hinting at 'drug mules' going back to work. Now, we get Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston trekking through a riverbed, carrying their shoes and hats. It looks like a fun summer trip with two friends in search of a good relaxation spot next to the creek. The first social media post came tagged with the word, 'Soon.' Today's revelation comes tagged with this message.

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"Even sooner."

But seriously, what is this for? AMC has not officially announced that they are releasing the Breaking Bad Movie in any official capacity. We've heard that it picks back up with Jesse Pinkman after the events in the Breaking Bad series finale. Something brings him back to New Mexico, with the crew reportedly shooting in some very familiar locations. As far as we know, Walter White is dead. Will he be resurrected? Or will we get some flashbacks to help flesh out this story, which was quite literally already wrapped up as well as it could be.

The alleged plan for the Breaking Bad Movie is that it will be released on Netflix as one of their original movies. Then it will air on AMC sometime after at a much later date. The script was shot as a feature length film. Though it has been noted that the project could get cut into a limited series of between three to four episodes. It sounds like the parties behind the operation aren't quite sure about that yet.

Original Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan is behind this new project, whatever it turns out to be, and it will definitely look and feel a lot like Breaking Bad. But at that, Bryan Cranston has never been committed to the movie as it stands now, so these two chuckleheads could be hyping something that isn't even remotely related to the so-called Breaking Bad movie.

Though, in an earlier Instagram post, Cranston did look like he was channeling a pre-Heisenberg Walter White. Perhaps the real answers will arrive at Comic-Con, which is just a handful of weeks away at this point. It's soon. But is it soon enough for whatever these guys have planned? You can check Aaron Paul's Glass of Whiskey Instagram for any potential updates over the next few days heading into the 4th of July Weekend.

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Even sooner

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Even sooner

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