If you're looking for some more toilet paper at home, you might want to call Heisenberg. Created by the YouTuber Double Parker, a new parody video spoofs one of the most memorable scenes from Breaking Bad to reveal that Walter White (Bryan Cranston) and his wife Skyler (Anna Gunn) are hoarding stacks of toilet paper in a storage locker. "After seeing a fight break out between two mothers over a single packet of toilet paper, I figured it was time to make this video," the creator says in the caption, referring to the massive toilet paper shortage in American grocery stores.

In the original scene, Skyler had recently been made privy to the methamphetamine operation her husband had spearheaded in an effort to pay for his chemotherapy treatments. Though reluctant, she assists Walter with his criminal activity, offering to help keep track of their profits while her husband focuses on his meth cooking.

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It's fantastic money, but the issue quickly becomes that there's just way too much of it, leading to Skyler to stop counting it and start stockpiling the cash into a storage locker. "I rented this place and I started bringing it here because I didn't know what else to do," Skyler explains, wondering just how much would really be enough for the both of them.

Through the magic of editing, the parody video digitally replaces the stacks of cash stored in the locker with many large packages of hoarded toilet paper. "There is more here than we can spend in ten lifetime," Skyler says as the two look upon their vast collection. Though over the top, it's easy to imagine many shoppers having closets at home looking very similar to the storage locker from the "Walter Wipe" parody, as toilet paper hoarding is very much a real thing and all of this Charmin and Quilted Northern has to be going somewhere. You can check out the parody by watching the YouTube video below.

The stored cash on Breaking Bad has also been spoofed by way of memes floating around on social media. In the original series, Huell Babineaux (Lavell Crawford) and Patrick Kuby (Bill Burr) take a moment to relax on the gigantic stack of cash before preparing to move it for Walter. The scene has similarly been edited to replace the money with toilet paper in various memes and animated gifs to further link Breaking Bad to the toilet paper shortage. The famous scene of Huell waiting alone in the show's final season has also been pointed to by fans as a prime example of staying at home, encouraging others to "be like Huell."

Along with Gunn, Cranston also starred alongside Aaron Paul in Breaking Bad between 2008 and 2013. Cranston and Paul have since launched their own alcoholic beverage company, and the two recently announced they'd be donating 30% of the proceeds of their online sales to out of work bartenders who no longer have an income. They may have been meth cooks on television, but Cranston and Paul are much more heroic in real life. The "Walter Wipe" parody video shown above comes to us from Double Parker on YouTube.