Back in May, Fox cancelled the new comedy series Breaking In, along with The Chicago Code, Traffic Light, and Human Target. Today, in a very rare move, the network has resurrected Breaking In with a new 13-episode order.

This actually marks the second time the show has survived cancellation, after Fox initially passed on the pilot, despite receiving one of the network's highest testing ratings. Sony Television kept pushing for the show, and Fox eventually relented, giving Breaking In a seven-episode order which started in April. When the network cancelled Breaking In in May, Sony Television kept fighting for the show, which lead the network to consider putting the show in its midseason comedy block. Fox also agreed to share some of the production costs with Sony, while extending the options on the Breaking In cast. Breaking In is said to be only the second show to survive cancellation twice, next to Family Guy.

It isn't known when exactly Breaking In would debut this new season, or when production will start. The entire cast, which includes Christian Slater, Bret Harrison, Alphonso McAuley, and Odette Annable, is expected to return. Odette Annable just joined House M.D. as a new series regular, although it is said there is a deal in place which allows her to work on both shows.

The deal with series creator Adam F. Goldberg also includes a commitment to another project, an untitled family comedy set in the 1980s. It is said to be a semi-autobiographical tale, based on Adam F. Goldberg's experiences growing up with his bizarre family.