Universal Pictures has released the first trailer and photos for Breaking In, the studio's upcoming thriller that will show how "payback is a mother," fittingly enough, on Mother's Day weekend. Gabrielle Union stars as a woman who will stop at nothing to rescue her two children being held hostage in a house designed with impenetrable security. No trap, no trick and especially no man inside can match a mother with a mission when she is determined on Breaking In.

The trailer opens with Shaun Russell (Gabrielle Union) driving her young children Jasmine (Ajiona Alexus) and Glover (Seth Carr) to her late father's house, which has an impenetrable security system that almost borders on overkill. When Glover mentions that this house is a "fortress," Shaun responds that her father must have been paranoid in his old age, while wondering what he was trying to hide. While talking to a friend on the phone, Shaun reveals she just wants to survive the weekend and come home, which will be much more difficult since a group of men break into the house during a home invasion with her children inside, and lock her out, as she must try to find a way in and save her children.

This group of home invaders is lead by Eddie (Billy Burke), who reveals that they want something in the house, and she must do exactly what he says, or Shaun and her kids will not survive the night. Shaun doesn't seem to be in a cooperating mood, though, as she takes out all of the lights around the house and tries to break in through the roof. We also get a glimpse at what these criminals are seemingly after, a massive safe filled to the top with money. Whether or not they'll be able to get out of this house alive with all of that cash remains to be seen though in this summer thriller that will be going up against some stiff competition at the box office.

Universal will release Breaking In on May 11, where it will go up against Paramount's Action Point starring Johnny Knoxville, and Warner Bros.' Life of the Party starring Melissa McCarthy and Gillian Jacobs. What's even more concerning, though, are the two superhero movies that open on opposite sides of Breaking In, with Marvel's Avengers: Infinity War kicking off the summer movie season on May 4, with 20th Century Fox just earlier today shifting their R-rated superhero sequel Deadpool 2 from June 1 to May 18, where it will go up against Sony's Slender Man. Disney's Solo: A Star Wars Story also debuts on May 25, although many speculate the release may be pushed to December.

Producers Will Packer (No Good Deed, Obsessed) and Gabrielle Union (Almost Christmas, Being Mary Jane) reunite for this original thriller, after working together on Think Like a Man, Think Like a Man Too and Almost Christmas. Joining Union and Packer as fellow producers are Will Packer Productions' James Lopez (Girls Trip, Think Like a Man), and Practical Pictures' Craig Perry and Sheila Taylor (American Pie and Final Destination series). James McTeigue (V for Vendetta, Sense8) directs Breaking In from a screenplay written by Ryan Engle (Non-Stop), based on a story by Jaime Primak Sullivan, who serves as an executive producer alongside Valerie Bleth Sharp and Jeff Morrone. Take a look at the new trailer, courtesy of Universal Pictures YouTube, plus the new photos below.

Breaking In Photo 1
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