Though The Crazies director Breck Eisner currently has his hands full with both an Escape from New York and Flash Gordon remake, that hasn't stopped him from eyeing his third upcoming project. According to an exclusive interview Fearnet recently conducted with comic book creator Mark Wheatley, Eisner is looking to take the helm of Wheatley's horror comic adaptation Blood of the Innocent.

This popular title from 1985 finds Dracula battling Jack the Ripper on the streets of London, and was written and drawn by Wheatley with co-writer Rickey Shanklin and artist Marc Hempel. Though Eisner was originally supposed to take on Flash Gordon directly after he finishes duties on Escape from New York, Wheatley thinks that Blood of the Innocent will actually come before that:

"Flash Gordon is scheduled for 2012 now, I think. Escape from New York is the one he's actively working on right now. He's trying to make Blood of the Innocent the picture he does after Escape. He and the writer have been working on the pitch. The writer, Bill Marsilii, has been working on the pitch now for almost a year. But Breck came on board, I think, back in February. And so the two of them met several times and honed the pitch and worked out a "live" version of the pitch. The two of them put that two-person act on the road and they've been going around to the various studios making the pitch."