Gay Secret Agent: According to Variety, Revolution Studios is coming out of the closet with the comedy Gay Secret Agent. Brendan Fraser is negotiating to play the title character, with Brad Hall and Andrew Gottlieb writing the script.

The film will take a tone that will be equal parts Our Man Flint, 007 and Austin Powers.

While agents like James Bond and Austin Powers have been recidivist romancers of femme fatales, Fraser's agent will be flamboyantly gay. It is a designation that proves helpful in secret agenting, as it turns out.

"He is the best secret agent in the world, and being gay helps him in the job, because he is charming and well- mannered, a great dancer and an impeccable dresser," Jennifer Todd said. "Brendan met on the project and did the character in the room, and we were all very impressed. We are shooting for a very broad, silly comedy."