According to Variety, director Brett Leonard(Lawnmower Man and Virtuosity) will be directing Feed, a psychological thriller about a world of men obsessed with overweight women.

The film shoots in Sydney and looks at a fetish where "feeders" get sexual gratification by encouraging their partners, "gainers," to put on more weight.

Variety says the idea was suggested to Leonard by the Australian actors Alex O'Lachlan and Patrick Thompson when he was in Sydney last year shooting horror movie Man-Thing. O'Lachlan and Thompson were in that film and are starring in Feed.

Feed features Thompson as a cybercrime investigator on the trail of a man in Ohio (O'Lachlan) he suspects of force-feeding women to death. Thompson's father Jack Thompson also plays a cop.

The film is written by Kieran Galvin and will be produced by Melissa Beauford.