Brett Ratner's name has been in the news quite a lot these days. After the director dropped the heavily publicized Superman project, there has been speculation as to what he project he will take on next. posted an interview with Ratner, where he revealed that Rush Hour 3 is one of the few projects he has been considering.

"I just got the script for Rush Hour 3 today [June 3, 2003], so I’m going to read it tonight after I leave here and if it’s good, I’m going to do that. If not, I’ve got a few other movies that I’m trying to decide which one I’m going to do."

Ratner said that Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan will take their adventures to New York, Paris and another location which he is keeping secret.

"Basically, they're both fish out of water," Ratner said.

Ratner went on to add that even if Rush Hour 3 is not his next movie, he thinks "it's ineveitable that we're all going to end up making the movie."

Other projects Ratner mentioned are "Dark Materials," a trilogy of books written by Phillip Pullman which revolves around a world where demons and humans live together, and "Samurai Jack," a script that is currently being developed.