It seems that Bryan Cox and Paul Dano have more than an expressway in common now.

According to MTV Movies Blog, veteran actor Bryan Cox and talented rising star Paul Dano will reunite for the new film, A Good Heart. This will be their first job together since the movie that launched Dano's career, L.I.E..

"It's a crazed film about a guy who runs a bar, called Jacques, in New York. It's a bar where all these deadbeats hang out, like a bar in a Eugene O'Neil play. This young homeless man comes in, and he has these extraordinary powers of healing; he can heal all the guys in the bar," Cox explained of the role Dano will portray. "He also heals my character, this guy who has these heart problems. The old man is always in the hospital, nearly dying."

Cox went on to add that his character begins to take Dano's character under his wing and trains the young man to take over the bar when he is gone. There will also be a Hungarian air hostess who will work at the bar and, Cox added, "there's a triangle between them." That role hasn't been cast yet.

French helmer Dagur Kuri will direct. A production schedule has not yet been announced.