Brian Presley is close to a deal to star opposite 50 Cent and Robert De Niro in Tim Hunter's Microwave Park, according to Production Weekly.

Presley and 50 Cent, just recently co-starred together in Irwin Winkler's Home of the Brave.

Based in New Orleans in the wake of post Katrina, brutal NOPD narcotics cops are undermanned and over-worked, leaving five cops and a police psychologist to devise their own methods of policing. This pushes them to the limit forcing each of them to face whether they will escape corruption, and hold onto their own morality in the aftermath of the hurricane.

Badass detective, Andy McChesney is a raw-faced wound and lives by his own code of police ethics; he is relentless and brutal. His partner, family man, Stan Green is sick of Andy's violent ways but is scared of him. Sergeant John Friendly covers for his men when they are in the gray area of police work, but is intimidated by the FBI which is investigating them for civil rights violations. Narcotics detectives, amoral Pepe Vasquez and Barney Ballantine, are two younger cops who learn from their senior officers. But they all cross the line, each in his own style.

In the search to catch the drug dealers the detectives find themselves in a much bigger darker world than street dealers and crack whores; greed and international drug dealers. Working with rogue FBI and DEA agents, and a police psychologist named Nina Ferrera, who is given all the pieces to the puzzle by different cops, nobody tells anybody anything because nobody knows who is a rat, especially with the FBI investigating civil liberties violations committed by the NOPD.

But all the cops talk to Nina. She crosses the line of her sworn secrecy as a doctor by leaking tips to different cops to play things out the way she wants them to happen, to teach and to save the cops she cares for. Information is power and in the end it is Nina who deeds out information which forces suspenseful, violent and emotional standoffs between everyone in a gunfight between all parties. In the end, nothing is what it seems and crossing the line doesn't work; it backfires on the ones who play by their own code of ethics, even though they are good.

Production will begin January 15 in both Shreveport and New Orleans and last about six to seven weeks.