Marvel Comics character Ann Weying is reportedly set to appear in Sony's Venom movie. The excitement for Venom has been through the roof since it was announced that Tom Hardy had signed on and with the possible addition of his ex-wife and Carnage, excitement is about to go up a bit more. Ann Weying first showed up in The Amazing Spider-Man #375 as Eddie Brock's ex-wife, a successful lawyer who is probably best known for turning into She-Venom, or the Bride of Venom and temporary symbiote, which lead her down a path that didn't end so well.

The studio is currently working from a new script by Jeff Pinker and Scott Rosenberg, but any particular plot points are currently unclear at this time. However, That Hash Tag Show is reporting that Ann Weying will definitely be a part of the upcoming Venom movie. According to That Hash Tag Show, the producers are looking to cast a woman in the age range of 25-32-years old, which is a few years younger than Tom Hardy to play the role of Ann.

Though this is currently pure speculation right now, it would be pretty cool to see a plot twist revolving around Eddie Brock and Ann Weying. We are still not sure which version of the symbiote that we will see in the movie, but That Hashtag Show is also reporting that it will be based off of the Ultimate version of Venom. The Ultimate version was a bio suit co-created by the fathers of Peter Parker and Eddie Brock in an effort to heal humanity from disease and illness. Unable to finish the project on their own they brought in Trask, who later took the project away from Parker and Brock.

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The news comes after some slight confusion on whether Venom will be a Sony standalone movie or if Marvel characters, like Spider-Man, will make cameos in the movie or vice versa. Tom Holland has mentioned that he would love to get a chance to work with Tom Hardy, but Sony has since sort of clarified and said that Venom will exist in the same reality, but they will not overlap. The lack of a concrete answer may lead to some awesome possibilities in the future or it may just be some kind of contract dispute behind the scenes, regardless, we'll find out soon enough.

Carnage will be the main villain in Venom, but is not clear how the villain will fit into the whole project. Though it's just speculation at this point, it will be pretty interesting to see how the movie brings in Ann Weying to spice things up for Eddie Brock. The movie is rumored to have an R-rating, which could lead to some pretty dark personal scenarios between the ex-couple that could go well with acting chops of Tom Hardy. At this point the movie is set to begin production this fall and the movie is expected to be released October 5th, 2018.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick