The Good

Finally, something for the ladies on Blu-ray.

The Bad

Okay, you mean to tell me that Citizen Kane doesn't have a 3 disc Blu-ray release but Bride Wars ad>Liv (Kate Hudson) and Emma (Anne Hathaway) are the best of friends. All of their lives they have been hoping and dreaming of getting married to their respective beaus at one place and one place only... the Plaza Hotel in New York. This is has been their dream and it suddenly looks like it is about to come to fruition. Then, in a flash tragedy strikes. No, there isn't some crazy accident that suddenly kills both of their mates. No, one of our ladies doesn't die or get stricken with an incurable illness. What happens, at least for these two chowderheads, is much worse than that...

They both have their weddings scheduled for the same day.

As you can guess this is a problem and with neither of them wanting to back down things go from tense to moronic. Suddenly, these two girls are trying to sabotage one another and while I am sure that brides to be are excited to see this movie play out in this way, personally, as a red blooded, American male I could have done without call the chicanery.


For some reason Fox has put out this movie with 3 discs. The first one is a Blu-ray that contains the film and bonus features. The second one is a DVD with two bonus features that are on the Blu-ray disc. Lastly, the third disc contains a digital copy.

In this review, I just reviewed the Blu-ray disc.

Pop-Up Trivia Track

This track plays throughout the film and it gives viewers anecdotes, tidbits and other information that they may want to know about. We find out statistics about weddings, the actors, the production and all of it plays to fun effect here. The titles that came up looked really sharp and they stayed on screen for just the right amount of time. I didn't have a chance to watch all of this track (as truthfully) I didn't want to sit through this film more than once, but I trust that the level of quality held up.

Deleted Scenes and Improvisations


The following featurettes on this Blu-ray disc are:

- Meet Me at the Plaza

- The Perfect White Dress

- Fox Movie Channel Presents In Character with Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway

Due to time constraints I didn't really have time to view all of these featurettes. Also, I wanted to watch something that I could be sure was going to be in High Definition. So, I held my nose and put on The Perfect White Dress featurette. I figured if they were showcasing clothes then they would surely shoot with the best camera. I wasn't wrong. This featurette looked at the costumes in the film, how they were created, what they tried to tell us about the characters, how they were maintained throughout the film, etc.

Caught on Tape: Man-den, Maid of Honor and Amanda-Cam


Widescreen - 1.85:1. 50GB Dual Layer. AVC @ 27 MBPS. This film looked really strong on Blu-ray disc. The images were never grainy and the images were so sharp they had an almost video-like clearness. Director Gary Winick and his Director of Photography Frederick Elmes really seemed to be going for a clean, almost sterile look here. This is no small feat considering that this movie is set in New York. I found that the images maintained the same lighting consistency both indoors and outdoors. All of this turned Bride Wars into a very satisfying visual experience... if nothing else.


English DTS-HD Master Audio. Spanish and French 5.1 Dolby Digital. English SDH. Subtitled in Spanish, Portuguese, Cantonese, Mandarin and Korean. English 5.1 Dolby Surround. Spanish and French Dolby Surround. Subtitled in English and Spanish. Close Captioned. As you can see, the audio on this release was put together with great care. As you can imagine the sound doesn't play as another character. Rather it simply gets the job done on screen. That said, there is a richness to the audio that plays across this film and that is what makes this movie hold up throughout the viewing.


Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway are presented side by side on the front of this Blu-ray disc. The is mixture of pink and blue colors. There is a description of what this movie is about, a Special Features listing, technical specs and a cast list. All three discs are neatly stored in this simple Blu-ray packaging.

Final Word

Who doesn't want to see Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway on the screen for 89 minutes?

The quality of this disc looks incredible but the reality is that it's almost laughable. Did Fox Home Entertainment really need to go so far with this release? Did they need three discs of highly redundant extras? This is the kind of film whose release on Blu-ray could even be debated. Call me a purist but this is the kind of release that only needed to come out in the standard format. That would have more than served its purpose. We're talking 3 discs here people!!!!!!!!

To say that I didn't like Bride Wars would be a misnomer. Depending on your tastes, your likes and dislikes, or whatever else you might want to see... Bride Wars could be the Blu for you. At least to watch once, maybe...

Owning this release is a different story.