You can't keep a good wedding or two down as a marriage flick swept the DVD charts last week. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Bride Wars swept the national DVD sales charts, for the week ending May 3.

The Kate Hudson/Anne Hathaway film debuted atop all three DVD charts, the DVD sales, DVD rental and Blu-ray sales charts, in a week that saw little competition. The closest competitor this week was the family film Hotel for Dogs, which finished second to Bride Wars on the DVD sales and rental charts, but could only manage an eighth place finish on the BD sales charts. The only other notable new release this week was the horror film The Uninvited, which finished in fifth place on the sales charts and sixth place on the rental charts.

On the high-def side of the charts, Bride Wars' closest competition came from the U.S.S. Enterprise with Star Trek: The Original Series - Season 1 Blu-ray, which took second place on the BD sales charts.