When it comes to female-led comedies, few are as iconic as 2011's Bridesmaids. Not only was the film a critical and financial hit, but it established Kristen Wiig as a leading lady, and put Melissa McCarthy on the comedy map. In an interview with the New York Times, Wiig revealed that the movie almost featured a super dark scene involving an unattended corpse.

"When we were running around to find Lillian [the bride, played by Maya Rudolph], we were going to find a woman lying on the ground. We're like, 'It's Lillian - she's dead!' And then we were like, 'Oh wait - it's not Lillian.' And then we just keep running."
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The scene was supposed to take place near the end of the movie when Lillian goes AWOL, and it is up to Wiig's character Annie to patch things up with her frenemy Helen, played by Rose Byrne, so they can combine forces to find Lillian. The scene acts as the point at which the two characters finally mend fences by focussing on their mutual love for Lillian, so it is understandable that the part of the scene involving a dead body was removed since that would have taken a warm moment into an unexpectedly dark place.

Given the success of Bridesmaids, there have long been demands for a sequel. Paul Feig, who directed the feature, addressed the possibility last year, explaining what makes the original movie so relatable.

"Everybody thinks they want a Bridesmaids sequel, and it could be fun, but I always have to say this. 'Bridesmaids' works - you remember all the comedy stuff, that was great, but the reason that movie worked is because it was about Kristen Wiig's character, who was a very confident person before the movie began, who has this total crash because her bakery goes out of business and everything falls apart in her life. So we meet her and she's a disaster. She's desperately trying to hang onto this one thing, which is her friendship with Maya Rudolph's character, and that takes her through the fire."

As Feig points out, the main appeal of Bridesmaids was watching Kristen Wiig as Annie try to ignore her own crumbling personal life in favor of giving her best friend Lillian a memorable bridal shower. According to Feig, a sequel would need to hit similar emotional beats, instead of simply stringing together a series of wacky hi-jinks.

"To do a sequel, I think you're basically just gonna have to have a funny wedding. And I've seen those movies a million times and some of them are good and some of them are like, okay, whatever. It's obviously up to Kristen, she's the keeper of the keys on that, but it would have to be something that you can emotionally engage in again and not just go, 'It's Megan's crazy wedding in the Bahamas!' and all kinds of hijinks happen. That could be funny, but I just think you need more for a movie to be great."

Kristen Wiig's remarks arrive to us frim The New York Times. While Paul Feig's remarks are from Collider.