It seems almost everybody wants to break into the superhero genre these days, especially with booming box office figures for recent hits such as Iron Man 3 and Man of Steel. Director Paul Feig, who is best known for female-centric comedies such as Bridesmaids and The Heat, revealed he recently pitched Warner Bros. an idea for a Wonder Woman movie.

The story was conceived as more of a lighter action-comedy, with Diana of Themyscira trying to break through the "glass ceiling" of the superhero world dominated by Batman and Superman, both of whom are described as "jerks" who don't respect her talent. The filmmaker compared his Wonder Woman to women's suffragist Cicely Hamilton, who wrote the 1908 play Diana of Dobson's.

The filmmaker also said that it would have a tone similar to Iron Man, although, ultimately, the studio decided to pass on his take. The news comes just a few days after Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Tsujihara revealed they want to make either a Wonder Woman movie or TV series, which makes us wonder how many other directors have been pitching their Wonder Woman ideas to the studio. We also reported last month that a Batman Vs. Superman casting call may have hinted that Wonder Woman will be a part of this highly-anticipated sequel.

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