With her 2016 musical Saturday Night Live appearance recently trending on TikTok, it is ironic that Captain Marvel's Brie Larson has found herself in the Billboard Music Charts following the release of a song she recorded for the movie Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World. As the movie celebrated it 10th anniversary, a special extended release of the movie soundtrack was released, including for the first time Larson singing the song Black Sheep, which was only previously available as a version by Metric, who wrote the song for the film.

It seems like these days, with music streaming being what it is, there are very few songs that listeners cannot instantly get their hands on, but in this case the song has been something sought by fans of both Brie Larson and the movie for a long time, so the anniversary became very special when the track became available to them on streaming services. The demand for the song was so great, that in no time at all, it began to rank high on no less than three of the major music charts.

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Appearing at number 7 in the Rock and Alternative charts, and 34 on the Hot Rock and Alternative chart, as well as dropping into the Alternative Digital Song Sales chart, Black Sheep was reported to have sold over 2,000 copies in a week and was streamed over 1 million times by listeners in the US. It certainly comes as a surprise for a song that only fans of the movie have really heard to manage to make any kind of impact on the chart, and is a sign of just how avid some fans can be.

The extended 10th Anniversary version of the soundtrack was released on vinyl, with a digital released coming on July 9th. When asked by CinemaBlend about Larson's song being missing from the original soundtrack, the movie's director Edgar Wright said, "Initially, when we did the soundtrack, Metric wanted to have their version on the soundtrack. And because it's their song, it was absolutely fair. It was gonna be on a soundtrack, and they asked, 'We would prefer that our version was on the soundtrack.' So it was as simple as that. I wasn't going to contest that, and it was only fair to Emily Haines, who wrote the song, that she should have her version on the soundtrack."

When it came to the re-release, Wright said he finally decided to get the permission to use Larson's version, and Emily Haines, who wrote the track, was happy for it to be released. While better known for her acting, Larson has had a previous stint on the music charts back when she was 15 with the song She Said. She also toured with Jesse McCartney and tried for a music career following her bit part in 13 Going On 30, but ultimately gave up when her record label weren't keen on her writing her own songs. I don't think there will be too many disheartened by her stalled music career considering where she is now, but for those who are in need of a bit of Larson vocal, then now is your chance to get it.