Following a prior reveal of her morning routine in a YouTube video, Brie Larson has now revealed her nighttime routine. The Captain Marvel star, who is set to reprise her role as Carol Danvers in the upcoming sequel The Marvels, recently posted a new video detailing what she does from the end of her work day until she lays her head onto her pillow at night. You can hear it all explained straight from Brie herself in the YouTube video below.

In the YouTube video description, Larson writes: "Thanks for following along for my real nighttime routine! Yes, I start getting ready when the sun is still up... I just love going to bed at 9 PM. BUT, to be fair, I'm up training early. It's all about balance! What's your favorite way to wind down at night? Comment below some nighttime rituals you do, I'm always looking for new things to include! As always, like and subscribe if you want. But you don't have to."

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As explained in the video, Larson says that work often leaves her feeling "frazzled" at the end of the day. Before she leaves the office, so to speak, she likes to be "clear" about where she's at by first doing some "winding down." One way she does this is by using the app, which is an app that uses specially designed music to improve brain activity for increased focus and relaxation. She'll also do some breathing exercises to help alleviate all of the day's stress.

The next chapter in Larson's winding down phase is putting on pajamas and doing more skin care, including using a gua sha on her face and using an eye mask. After putting her phone on Do Not Disturb for the night, Larson finishes with the nighttime routine by watching some television in bed, and she just so happens to be watching The Office in the video. Because there's still sunlight pouring in from the windows, Larson also reveals that she usually goes to be around 9 p.m.

If you're wondering what Bie Larson's morning routine is as well, you're in luck, as the Captain Marvel star has already covered that in a previous video. Typically, Larson will wake up and begin her day with a face cleansing. This is followed by brewing some morning tea and doing some journaling to get all of her thoughts cleared out of her head. She'll then do a sauna meditation, take a shower, and proceed to work out in her personal gym.

"Yeah, the routine is a little bit crazy. I noticed that the more self-care I do, the better I feel," Larson said in the morning routine video. "How long will I be able to continue it? Unclear. Work is still slow right now, and so I have a lot more control over how I schedule my day."

The Marvels will be released on Nov. 11, 2022. Larson is also set to star as Victoria Woodhull in an upcoming biopic about the first female presidential candidate for Amazon Studios. You can see more videos from Larson at her official channel on YouTube.