Brie Larson climbed Grand Teton and kept it a secret for a year. The Captain Marvel actress believes that she had to be physically strong to portray a superhero on the big screen, which she accomplished through vigorous training with Jason Walsh. Larson documented her transformation from a self-proclaimed "introvert with asthma" to real-life superhero on social media while preparing to make Captain Marvel and Avengers: Endgame. However, after she accomplished her goal, she needed a new one.

After training so much with Justin Walsh, Brie Larson hooked up with rock climber Jimmy Chin for her next adventure. Chin documented the process and Larson just put it up on her new YouTube channel. As far as training for the Grand Teton, Chin had Larson and Walsh doing indoor climbing first, before taking them to the great outdoors in Wyoming. She had this to say about the experience.

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"Wowowowow. Climbing the Grand Teton was a deeply powerful experience for me and my hands had never been more sore. Thank you for watching my adventure and I hope it inspires you, even if a little! I couldn't have done it without my friends, Jimmy Chin and Jason Walsh... I'm looking for another adventure..."

After moving on from the indoor climbing to some outdoor trial runs, the team moved on to the Grand Teton. The national park is located in North Wyoming, though the mountain range stretches across into Idaho too. Brie Larson and her team took on the portion in the Grand Teton National Park, which is certainly not for beginners, though Jimmy Chin made sure they were good to go by "sandbagging" them.

Brie Larson describes Jimmy Chin's "sandbagging" teaching technique as taking a beginner and pushing them into depths that are out of their league. The method certainly worked, and it worked fast, but Larson and Jason Walsh started to show physical signs of pushing themselves too far with banged up knees and ankles, along with some minor hand injuries. Whatever the case may be, it gave the crew the strength to take on a pretty massive rock climbing experience that not a lot of people are able to pull off.

As of now, Brie Larson is looking for a new physical adventure and is asking her YouTube subscribers for advice. Most of the comments on the new video are talking about not even being able to climb out of bed, so she hasn't really gotten any good suggestions just yet. The Captain Marvel actress is not content to just get fit for a role and then go back to ordinary life. Instead, she needs to push herself to go further in order to understand herself better, which helps to inform new roles that she takes on in Hollywood. You can check out the video of the Grand Teton climb and its preparation above, thanks to Brie Larson's YouTube channel.

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Kevin Burwick