A new documentary on Brittany Murphy's death is raising a lot of questions. Murphy died in 2009 at the age of 32. At the time, the Los Angeles County coroner ruled her death to be accidental and "determined to have been caused by a combination of pneumonia, an iron deficiency and multiple drug intoxication." As Investigation Discovery's documentary Brittany Murphy: An ID Mystery proves, many believe foul play must be involved. In the documentary, Murphy's father "searches for answers as lurid allegations against other family members mount."

The death of Brittany Murphy caught the world off guard, but it was her husband Simon Monjack's death months later that Brittany Murphy: An ID Mystery says caused even more questions. Monjack's death was also caused by severe anemia and acute pneumonia. The documentary shows there are a lot of people who believe there's more to the story than just death by natural causes. You can read part of the press release for the documentary below.

"Brittany Murphy is a rising star who had it all, beauty, fame, and success... but she also had secrets. When she is found dead in her Los Angeles home at just 32 years old, Hollywood and legions of fans are left in disbelief. While her autopsy reveals that she died of natural causes, many believe foul play is involved."

Brittany Murphy: An ID Mystery goes into some more detail about Simon Monjack's death and the circumstances around it. He died in the same bed he and Brittany Murphy shared, though he allegedly had her mother, Sharon Murphy, sleeping beside him. Murphy's father, Angelo Bertolotti, casts doubt on the conclusion that the Clueless star died of natural causes and "reveals bizarre allegations against other family members," in the documentary. This was his last interview and Discovery ID says that it was exclusive. Bertolotti died in 2019 at the age of 92. In a lab report commissioned by Bertolotti before his death, it showed 10 potentially toxic heavy metals were present in a hair strand sample, which implies that she may have been poisoned.

Forensic pathologist Dr. Cyril Wecht was hired by Angelo Bertolotti to investigate Brittany Murphy's death and is interviewed in Brittany Murphy: An ID Mystery. Like many, Wecht had a number of questions pertaining to the death. First, "How could she have developed such an advanced state pneumonia and such an incredible state of iron deficiency?" Secondly, the forensic pathologist wants to know how her husband and mother let her get to this state, especially since she had the financial means to go to the doctor. He also wants to know why she had access to so many opiates.

Brittany Murphy's mother, Sharon Murphy has denied that her daughter was poisoned several times over the past several years. She feels that her estranged husband's claims aren't based on what actually happened. "His claims are based on the most flimsy of evidence and are more of an insult than an insight into what really happened," she said in 2013. Brittany Murphy: An ID Mystery can currently be streamed over at the Discovery ID website.