Happy Feet: In a recent interview with SciFi Wire, actress Brittany Murphy talked briefly about her role as a a singing penguin in the upcoming animated flick, Happy Feet...

"Happy Feet is a blast, and it's still going on," Murphy said in an interview. "I just did some recording sessions for it, about a week ago."

In the computer-animated film, Murphy voices Gloria, a penguin with a beautiful voice, opposite Elijah Wood, who voices Mumble, a penguin who can't sing and is ostracized for it. "I'm not sure how much I can bring up the story at this point," Murphy said. "Savion Glover is tapping [dancing] in the film for Elijah's character. I play Gloria, who's the female love interest. And I sing. Basically, all the penguins have a heart song, and that's part of their mating ritual. And the music runs the gamut from the Beatles to modern-day hip-hop, all songs that we already know."

Murphy, who also voices Luanne on the long-running animated television series King of the Hill, politely declined to reveal what song she performs in Happy Feet. "It's a secret," she said. "Gloria's heart song isn't quite revealed until towards the end, until the tapping helps her find it, until Elijah starts tapping, and that leads to it."

But Murphy added that, unlike many other animated features in which the stars don't actually meet until the premiere, she and Wood exchanged dialogue in a recording booth. "Elijah and I did everything together," she said. "It was wonderful. We were able to do every scene together. And then when we came back in [for re-recording], we requested that we please be together. He's a ball to work with."

Happy Feet, directed by George Miller, will be released in 2006.