The Broadway version of the hit comedy Legally Blonde will air uncut on MTV. According to Variety, this is the first fully staged Rialto production to ever appear on TV while live performances are still going strong.

Two performances of "Legally Blonde" will be taped with five cameras at Gotham's Palace Theater on September 17th. One will be with an audience and the other will be without. The final filmed product will be edited to include the full legit production as well as backstage material.

Hal Luftig, a producer on the musical, stated, "It's a great idea for this particular Broadway show, because our audiences are the same. All the talk about eating into our ticket sales, it's not going to happen. These kids can't see these shows enough."

The show may air six times in as many weeks. The network is obligated to run it at least three times. The first airing will be on September 29th at 1 pm.