Well, whatta ya know? I'm back doing the news! Brian's set up a cool system so we're both going to be able to post news, whenever we want, tag team style. So basically, you'll be getting twice the updates, twice the bang for your buck (but seeing how this is a free site, I don't see the profit margin being that great). Anyway, enough with the crap, and on to the news (should read: more crap)...

Here's an expanded run-down of what's coming soon here at Lights Out:

-Brian & I were just on location in Hollywood, CA, two nights ago filming some footage for the up coming music video for local band, Some May Say. Hopefully those guys will let us film a little more, so we can get this thing done, asap. You listening, Davey?

-Lights Out friend and fiend, DROID, will be the unwilling subject of a new feature/experiment called "DROID's Bitter Bits". The premise being, simply put, to send him to movies of our choice (in other words, the absolutely last movies in the world he would ever pick on his own), and giving him a forum to spew his obscenities about the film, as well as us, for sending him. God, I can't wait...

-Some films currently in preproduction here are "Twilight's Wrath" and "1,000 Words". "Twilight's Wrath" is a project that we have been talking about for a while now. We like to refer to it as the "Commando" of Star Wars fan-film. I'm hoping that we get this off the ground by summer, but that's all depending on some much needed script revisions, as well as the gruelling physical training needed for the various roles. "1,000 Words" is a supernatural love story in the script development stage right now, and to say any more would be a sin.

In other news:

-The New York Times has a poignant story regarding the future of digital film, or more specifically, digital film schools. Click on over to Yahoo for the full story(since The New York Times won't let you link to their articles directly). It's pretty interesting how this century is already shaping up to change the film industry in such a dramatic way.

-Hey, do you wanna see a cool looking dinosaur from the forth coming "Jurassic Park 3"? Do you really care? We'll if you do, let me speed you over to CHUD: Cinematic Happenings Under Development for a peek. I'm kinda looking forward to this, even with "The Lost World" being a little goofy. Some of the reports I've read online state that this one is supposed to be a little darker than the previous two, so we'll see on July 18th.

Movie Picture{7} has just givin us a sneak peek at the just released {8}. Now I don't care if you think this movie is going to be crap or not, because that woman is so incredibly hot! So check it out, and prepare to be breathless...Well, that's it for now, but as always, stay tuned for more...