The Good

A cinematically fulfilling experience on Blu-ray Disc.

The Bad

No extras.

Broken Arrow is a story of two men who are pitted against one another in a film that deals with themes that are more relevant today than when they were made. Vic Deakins (John Travolta) crashes the bomber that he is flying with fellow pilot Riley Hale (Christian Slater). Deakins then steals some bombs with every intention of getting them into terrorist hands. Once this is done, the terrorists plan to blackmail the U.S. government. However, this is where Riley Hale comes in. He partners up with a park ranger (Samantha Mathis; who Slater shared the screen with previously in 1990s Pump up the Volume) and they do everything they can to foil Deakins awful scheme.

Overall, if action is what you want than Broken Arrow certainly delivers. On Blu-ray Disc this movie is filled with all the requisite big screen, action moments that underscore everything the genre is known for.


None came with this release.


1080p - 2.35:1- Aspect Ratio. This Blu-ray Disc wasn't the best looking thing I have ever seen but it did look pretty darn good. I noticed some grain in spots and the disc's colors seemed to alter a bit from the interior to the exterior shots. That said, this movie didn't look that dated but it does seem like it's sort of in a hybrid state from the technological advances prevalent in the 1990s, and the ones that would all but take over cinema in the 21st Century.


English Dolby Digital - DTS HD 5.1- Master Lossless Audio. The best way for me to describe the audio would be steady. It sounded solid and well put together, and it did play strongly across all the speakers that I watched it on, but I never got the impression that it was given the "oomph" that it needed. Things played well here but I wouldn't say that I felt like the explosions, bullets and fight scenes were exactly happening in my living room.


John Travolta takes up the majority this Blu-ray Disc cover. Christian Slater stands behind him as the titles seem to explode in the foreground. The back of this release provides users with a description of what this movie is about as well as system specs.

Final Word

I remember when I originally saw this movie in the theater. I had expected it to be filled with action but like a lot movies from Director John Woo, this thing seemed a little lengthy. Also, how much action can one take especially when they are being beaten over the head with it scene after scene? Now, being a little bit older and able to use perspective to my advantage, I really think that Broken Arrow is a pretty enjoyable film. While I don't think that it has anything on the action films of the 1980s, it does set a strong pace and it keeps things moving in that direction fairly consistently. In addition to all of this, I think that Christian Slater and John Travolta worked really well together. There seemed to be a genuine tension on screen and that added a charge to their fight scenes.

While not the best looking Blu-ray Disc I have ever come across, Broken Arrow more than gets the job done.

Broken Arrow was released February 9, 1996.