Veteran filmmaker Bruce Beresford will develop and direct Taliesin, about fabled American architect Frank Lloyd Wright written by Nicholas Meyer.

The title refers to the architect's former home and studio in rural Spring Green, Wis., where the key events in the film take place. The rambling hillside compound, considered a masterpiece of Prairie-style architecture, was the focus of scandal as Frank Lloyd Wright built it for himself and his married mistress Martha "Mamah" Cheney. In 1914, while Frank Lloyd Wright was away, a domestic worker murdered Martha "Mamah" Cheney, her two children and four others by locking them inside and setting fire to the building.

"It's a very good script," Bruce Beresford said. "It doesn't cover his whole life, just a small section of it, and it doesn't whitewash him into some sort of saint."

Bruce Beresford has recently been scouting locations in and around Chicago.As for the male lead: "We have someone in mind, but I can't tell you yet," he says.

No production date has been set.