Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash: Radio station WRKR talked with Bruce Campbell about those nasty rumors of a match up made in hell that popped up this week:

"He says that right now it's all internet mumbo-jumbo, and there's no sort of truth to any of to the rumors as of yet. He says the cool thing is that with the amount of money that F vs J made this weekend, they're like heroes again. The ultimate thing to do would bring back Ash and kind of finish off the three series. "I'm sure I can outrun hockey-mask man. But Freddy's got the quips, so I'd have to have Sam Raimi write all my lines for me. Cuz, you know, you have to take these guys down before you take them out". Other than that, he touched briefly on his involvement in "Kalamazoo?", and about the fact that he thinks cameos are the best roles. "You can come on screen, say 'Here I am!', and walk off!" Bruce, is of course, a Michigan native, so he has personal interest in the movie".

Thanks to DH for the scoop.