Evil Dead franchise star Bruce Campbell is looking to step back behind the camera for his next project as a director, and he's even written a screenplay he's hoping to have shot in 2020. Speaking in an extensive interview with 1428 Elm, Campbell opened up on his career and life after Ash vs Evil Dead, giving his fans an idea of what to expect next from him next. While still far from finished as an actor, Campbell revealed he's written a screenplay for a "political satire," and the plan is to begin shooting it sometime next year.

"I just finished my second draft so I'm getting that out to the old cronies for feedback. Then I'm going to get it out for budgeting and then I'm going to go shopping. I want to see if there are any 26-year-old executives that will greenlight this."

Campbell also says there's no question he will direct this Untitled Political Satire himself as well as writing the script. Additionally, Campbell suggests he is also likely to star in the project, noting how scheduling conflicts are never an issue if you cast yourself. While stopping short of divulging further details about the plot, Campbell offers a few hints and teases the idea of co-starring with frequent collaborator Ted Raimi in the satirical movie.

"It's a comedy hopefully with a little more substance than sizzle. But still it's a little more like an adult comedy. There's plenty of gags, let's not kid ourselves here. I'm trying to get my buddy, Ted. There's s*** I want to do with the two of us before we're too old and now's about the time."

If Campbell's political satire project is a go, it would mark his first time back in the director's chair since the 2007 meta-comedy My Name Is Bruce. Campbell also starred in the movie as a fictionalized version of himself, forced to fight a monster when he is mistaken for his Ash character from the Evil Dead franchise. He also helmed and starred in the cult classic 2005 movie Man with the Screaming Brain and directed the documentaries Fanalysis and A Community Speaks. On the TV side of things, Campbell has also directed multiple episodes of Xena: Warrior Princess, Hercules, and V.I.P..

After Starz put an end to Ash Vs. Evil Dead, Campbell announced his retirement from playing Ash Williams in any more live-action projects, although he will continue to voice the character in video games and potentially other animated projects. As far as the acting goes, Campbell also says he's been cast for an indie project which begins shooting in January in New England, and the role apparently requires him to grow out his beard.

"This one is way different. It's a '70s period movie. That should be kind of cool. I'm going to utilize my first beard on camera. It's a good Captain's beard."

Fans of Campbell can currently catch him as the host of Ripley's Believe It or Not on the Travel Channel. He will also soon be lending his voice to the Netflix animated series The Last Kids on Earth. This news comes to us from 1428 Elm.

Jeremy Dick at Movieweb
Jeremy Dick