As production continues on director Zack Snyder's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in Detroit, a new set video has surfaced showing off some of Bruce Wayne's everyday heroics. Warning, there will be some Major Spoilers in the following video and story.

While the video doesn't feature Ben Affleck himself as Bruce Wayne (though unconfirmed reports claim that is him in the first run-through), we do get to see his stand-in rehearsing a scene where he saves a young girl. This scene is reportedly set inside Metropolis, not Bruce's hometown of Gotham, according to a report from Twitter and YouTube user Samuel Otten. While Bruce is seen here at the demolished Wayne Financial building featured in previous set photos, it has not been confirmed if this is new city damage, or if this is the aftermath of Man of Steel's climactic end battle which found Zod and Kal-El wiping out most of Metropolis.

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Take a look at the video, along with Samuel Otten's description of what he saw on set, then continue on for a slew of new images shooting continues.

"Several Bruce Wayne stand-in's and stunt doubles were on set today. You can see them blocking out a scene involving the rescue of a small girl and the collapsing of a large piece of the Wayne Financial building. Based on city buses and police cars, this is presumed to be in Metropolis, not Gotham. I don't know that any of these are Ben Affleck himself, but you can be the judge. At the very least, it's definitely Bruce Wayne. I think Affleck may have come on later, after I had to leave.

If you have a sharp eye, you can also catch Zack Snyder in a dark gray t-shirt around 2:42 and elsewhere, such as running toward camera at the very end."

In addition, a number of other photos were taken from the set by Samuel Otten and BananaDoc, which you can see here: