Hostage: According to FilmJerk, the next Bruce Willis flick, Hostage has recently set the pre-production ball in motion:

Production on Bruce Willis' forthcoming independent film, "Hostage," is now shifting towards the casting phase, sources tell, with a January 20 filming start planned in Los Angeles. Once greenlit by MGM and Revolution Studios at different points in the past 18 months, it was revealed in September that Stratus Film Co. would back the movie's budget, despite presently lacking a domestic distributor.

The film, based on the novel by Robert Crais, focuses on hostage negotiator Jeff Talley (played by Willis), who leaves the Los Angeles Police Department and his family after a traumatic experience to become the chief of police in the small town of Bristo Camino. Instead of finding peace in the sleepy town, a situation soon erupts when three criminals take a man and his two children hostage.

Talley uses his considerable skill to get the negotiation ball rolling before turning it over to two members of the Sheriff's department Crisis Response Team. However, Talley becomes personally involved when he learns that the man was cooking the books for the underworld, and that he has two computer disks in his house which the West Coast underworld has got to get their hands on