Bruce Willis has attached himself to a new drama project entitled Ten, which Joe Roth will produce, according to Deadline New York.

QED and producer Norton Herrick have committed to finance the movie, which will be produced with a $35 million budget. Patrick Alessandrin (District 13 Ultimatum) is directing the movie from a script by Skip Woods (The A-Team). There is no word on what the story of this new project will be, although it is said that a distributor will be set in the near future, with the movie to start shooting in December.

This news comes days after we reported that Joe Roth had set Rupert Sanders to direct the revisionist project Snow White and the Huntsman, which will offer an intriguing new take on the classic Snow White tale. The Huntsman, who originally had a cameo in the original story, will be shackled to Snow White for most of the movie and serves as a mentor to the character.