Deadline reports that actors Bruce Willis and Rebecca Hall (The Town) are the favorites to star in Lay the Favorite, Take the Dog, which is also known as Lay the Favorite.

The movie is based off Beth Raymer's memoir of the same name, which centers on her relationship with two older men and how they managed to find an edge in the Las Vegas sports gambling system. Focus Features is behind the project, with High Fidelity screenwriter D.V. DeVincentis adapting the script. Stephen Frears, who directed High Fidelity, is already signed onto direct this new project.

Bruce Willis and Rebecca Hall aren't guaranteed locks to star in the movie, though. We just reported yesterday that Bruce Willis may star in Wes Anderson's new movie Moonrise Kingdom. We also reported this week that Rebecca Hall is in talks to star in Shadow Dancer.

No production schedule was given for Lay the Favorite, Take the Dog so it's possible that both actors may join other projects and then come back to this gambling movie.