20th Century Fox is moving forward with Die Hard 5, although it seems they have hit a stumbling block with the script. The studio is reportedly unhappy with the latest draft of the script by Skip Woods (The A-Team). The studio plans to start over from scratch with a whole new story.

Bruce Willis is also stepping up and conducting interviews with potential directors. Daniel Espinosa, who has the Denzel Washington/Ryan Reynolds thriller Safe House arriving next year, is said to be among Bruce Willis' favorites to direct Die Hard 5.

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We reported a few weeks ago Die Hard 5 might feature Bruce Willis' John McClane squaring off against either a sister or brother of Hans Gruber, the villain from the original Die Hard, who was played by Alan Rickman. If this element was in fact a part of Skip Woods' script, this likely won't be featured in Die Hard 5 since a new script will be written.

Bruce Willis revealed back in October that he will retire the John McClane character after Die Hard 5 and Die Hard 6.