Die Hard 4: During a recent interview with About.com, Bruce Willis proclaimed that a writer is hard at work on a script...

Rumors of a Die Hard 4 ranged from “It’ll never happen” to “Britney Spears will play John McClane’s daughter.” But now a screenwriter is at work on a script, and Bruce Willis himself explained why he chose to return to McClane for a fourth time.

“People wanted to see it,” Willis said. “People kept asking me about it.”

Willis said the project is still only in talks, and he’s having a hard time accepting a concept that would top the original trilogy. “We’re talking about it. We’re having a contest to come up with the ending. The problem is… I have no idea, what can we do? Have two planets crash into each other? Juggle an asteroid maybe?”

How about just fighting terrorists? We’ll see.

Brian B. at Movieweb
Brian B.