Pirates of The Caribbean: We've got new concept art from Pirates of The Caribbean, compliments of Yahoo!

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Just as well, Fangoria talked with Pirates producer, Jerry Bruckheimer, about the process of making the film:

"Disney came to me and said we're going to make this movie PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN and gave me a script and I wasn't nuts about the script," says Bruckheimer. "I said, 'It's an interesting idea' – there were some interesting elements in the script that were great. We brought in the two writers who wrote SHREK [Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio] and they're really smart. They wrote ZORRO. They turned it into something that was more supernatural and really fascinating to me. The pirates are cursed and that really excited me."

Cursed pirates? Do tell. "The pirates – what happens is they stole this cursed treasure and unless they put the treasure back, they never die, they can't enjoy life," Bruckheimer continues. "They can't enjoy food or sex. All they want to do is plunder and get more and more and more gold. And in the moonlight, they turn into skeletons. So, you can just imagine the effects. ILM is doing the effects. [Director] Gore Verbinski, who did THE RING, is very imaginative and is working with ILM. I've never seen skeletons like this. They have actual features and pieces of flesh and their costumes still on, so it's fascinating."

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