The Good

Mockumentarys about horror movies are always fun.

The Bad

Paltry extras.Brutal Massacre is mockumentary about the directing life of Harry Penderecki. This horror icon has fallen on hard times and has now set his mind on making a comeback with his new project, the aptly titled, Brutal Massacre. What ensues is a look at the pitfalls of being a filmmaker and trying to regain past glory. From dealing with temperamental actors, to bad effects, budget problems, to just about everything else that happens in making a film, Brutal Massacre is one of those movies that does it best to give you a glimpse of movie making from the inside out.


Behind the Scenes Featurette

This piece looks at the behind the scenes logistics for this movie. To be honest, while I was saddened by the lack of features, I didn't really like the ones that they put on this release. I just think that for mock documentary films they need to do everything they can to keep things as much as possible in that world. Check this out but it might hurt your opinion of the film.

Extended and Deleted Scenes


Anamorphic Widescreen Presentation - 1.78:1. This movie looked good. Shot with a documentary eye it allowed itself to be lensed in all manner of ways. Due to this the film itself could have various shortcomings but those only added to the look presented on this DVD.


Dolby Surround 5.1. This movie sounded good. There wasn't anything that special about the audio. I didn't have to strain to hear anything I was able to keep things at a respectable level.


A hand hangs out out of tub of popcorn on this black, red and white front cover. The back features a shot of the cast, a description of the film, a Special Features listing, a cast list and technical specs. All and all there isn't anything too amazing about the packaging but I am not sure that there needs to be.

Final Word

While not the best mock documentary I have ever seen, Brutal Massacre is the kind of film that if you are a horror fan you have to see. This movie isn't laugh out loud funny, but it references enough things that should make fans of the genres (and movie buffs in general) proud. With horror movies sort of in a weird spot right now, it makes sense that there would come a movie that would do its level best to lampoon them.

Brutal Massacre: A Comedy was released July 22, 2008.