We reported on Monday that Heroes executive producers/writers Jeph Loeb and Jesse Alexander were fired from the show. Today, it seems the network is looking to bring back a Season 1 executive producer/writer. According to E! Online, the show will likely replace the two producer/writers with one, and the name that's being tossed around is that of Bryan Fuller.

Fuller was a consulting producer during Heroes phenomenally successful first season and his departure in Season 2, after the series Pushing Daisies that he created was picked up by ABC, was seen by some as one of the reasons Season 2 faltered in ratings.

Of course, nothing is confirmed and it seems unlikely as well, unless Pushing Daisies isn't picked up for another season, which seems doubtful.

The article also reports that Tim Kring said, from the Hollywood Legacy Awards on Saturday night, that some cast members will be killed off as well.

"There are a couple more deaths planned," Kring said. "Someone you have come to know will not make it to the end of the season."

We'll definitely keep you posted on any and all updates concerning these developments.