Logan's Run:Hollywood North Report is reporting that a Logan's Run remake is in the works with Bryan Singer at the helm. According to the site the film will begin production in Vancouver in September...

Logan’s Run has locked into Vancouver for a September production start with Bryan Singer at the helm.

The remake of the classic 1976 sci-fi film will be using the brand new purpose built 4 stage 64,000 sq ft Canadian Motion Picture Park in the Big Bend area of South Burnaby.

They have the studio booked from September 2004 thru September 2005 for what’s expected to be one of the largest productions in Vancouver history (if not the largest). The shoot is expected to last until the spring and then the sets will be kept up at CMPP for pick-up shots and re-shoots once the CGI work is nearing completion.

We also hear that they’ll be using other studio space around town to supplement their needs; Mammoth Studios has been mentioned to us on a few occasions.

What this does do is potentially throw a clog into Lauren Schuler Donner’s plan to have X-Men 3 (and as rumor has it a back-to-back sequel that’s either X-Men 4 or a Wolverine spin-off movie) get underway in June 2005. Maybe she means set construction will start in June and filming will take place in late Summer? Or maybe Singer will direct X-Men 4 and someone else will take the directors chair for X-Men 3? Maybe Singer intends to oversee post-production on Logan’s Run in Vancouver while filming X-Men 3/X-Men 4?