It was reported earlier in the week that Bryan Singer, director of the first two X-Men films, was gearing up to direct the next installment in the franchise X-Men: First Class. But now Hitfix is claiming that 20th Century Fox is actively searching for another director to take over the film. And that two other big names have already been approached about helming the project.

While the two directors weren't disclosed, it is known that they were fairly well known in the comic adaptation world. Both have passed, and the studio is continuing to look for someone worthy of the franchise. According to Hitfix, this would definitely indicate that Singer will not be free to direct the film himself. Fox has a timetable in place for when they want X-Men: First Class to be shot, and it does not coincide with Singer's current in-production schedule for Jack the Giant Killer. It is unlikely that he would drop out of that film at this time, since he is deep into the preproduction process on that adventure fantasy.

This new report indicates that Singer would not be able to return to the franchise until work on X-Men 4 begins, which would bring back the original cast. Though these are all just rumors. Nothing is set in stone at this point in time. We will keep you updated as more news on this story breaks.