/hugh-jackman-appearing-as-wolverine-in-x-men-first-class/Yesterday, a rumor started to spread that Hugh Jackman is appearing as Wolverine in the upcoming Marvel Studios prequel X-Men: First Class. This odd bit of news stemmed from a limo driver's Facebook update, where he stated that he had just driven Jackman away from the Jekyll Island, Georgia-based location of the X-Men: First Class set. Now, producer Bryan Singer has come forward to debunk this rumor.

In speaking with The Coventry Telegraph, Singer insisted that X-Men: First Class had not yet begun shooting on Jekyll Island, and if Jackman was in the area, he didn't know about it. He also went onto describe the X-Men: First Class storyline in more detail:

"(Hugh Jackman) is not in the movie, he's in the Wolverine movies. X-Men hasn't started shooting in Georgia yet and if Hugh was in Georgia, it wasn't for this movie. It's about how Xavier - if you know the X-Men universe - how Professor Xavier and Magneto kind of met and became friends and how that friendship turned into something else. It takes place in the early 60s and it incorporates some characters I was able to bring back in time that are familiar, as well as some new characters, new mutants. Also, there's a new villain component, a really cool villain and villain group. It's a really cool and fun story. It will be the first Silver Age Marvel movie. We've set First Class in a time when the X-Men were conceived in the early 60s, up against political events that were happening - the early civil rights movement - and we have these kinds of events at a time when the world didn't know mutants existed."
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