It doesn't fly into theaters until June 28th, but Bryan Singer is already discussing what could possibly be on the Superman Returns DVD.

In an interview from The Hollywood Reporter, the director talked openly about what might end up on the disc of one of the years most highly anticipated films.

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"We've done these really wonderful web logs, which have allowed fans to get on the Internet. They're on and, which have enabled fans to sort of have an eye into the production." Singer stated. "They're kind of whimsical and fun and some of that documented material will be on the DVD. There's something I like about making-of experiences that are little movies in themselves. I think there's a kind of theater that happens during the making of a film that if it's portrayed correctly can be really interesting -- like Hearts of Darkness, the making of Apocalypse Now. It's sort of a scary version of that. So there will be a lot of that (making-of) material."

The director then went on to discuss the interactive nature of the DVD as well as deleted scenes that could end up on the disc. "I think we're going to something called 'The In-Movie Experience' where you'll be able to be watching the movie and then instantly go to making-of footage. It's sort of the next evolution in running commentaries. Instead of just hearing the filmmakers or the actors talk over the scenes you'll be able to leap in and experience the making of the scenes and experience what we call 'B Roll.' You'll be able to leap to it right in the middle of watching the movie. My hope is that people experience the movie first and then go back and do this not do (it first). I don't know about the first release of the DVD, but there's a sequence I cut from the movie, a pretty significant sequence, and that sequence will appear at some point on (a DVD edition of the movie). It's kind of a fun look into Superman's journey off the Earth (into space that) I didn't use it in the movie. It might be on the DVD. I haven't decided yet."