Bryan Singer's Bad Hat Harry Prods. has joined with Radical Pictures to create a live-action feature based on Freedom Formula, a five-issue comicbook series by Edmund Shern.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Radical Publishing is unveiling the comicbook at Comic-Con, which won't be released in August.

It's described as a futuristic Top Gun in which racing exo-suits have replaced fighter jets. The story focuses on a genetically engineered racer who learns that his bloodline has the power to change society.

Singer will produce with Radical's Barry Levine. Jesse Berger, Edmund Shern, Alex Garcia and Michael Zoumas will be exec producers.

"This is a timeless story about young people struggling to break free of authority. That's what ultimately appealed to me," Singer said.

Radical's Levine said: "There are great setpieces, but this is character-driven."

No production date has been set.