According to The Hollywood Reporter, NBC is getting together with Bryan Fuller and Bryan Singer to create SelleVision. The show will be a one hour comedy set behind the scenes of a home-shopping cable channel.

Fuller will be writing the project which is based on Augusten Burroughs' novel. Singer will be directing. The two will executive produce with Galgos Entertainment. Mark Bozek and Russell Nuce run that production company.

Four years ago, Bozek was the CEO for the Home Shopping Network (HSN). He worked there for 10 years, and he even did time at rival home-shopping maven QVC.

"It's a very insular, highly competitive world with people living in it 24/7 whether they are on the air or not, and their lives are all about how many dollars per minute they can make for the company," Bozek said.

He heard of the book SelleVision (before it was published) when he was running HSN. He had tried to grab the rights to the book but was unable.

"I couldn't tell whether it was because they weren't sure if I was looking to make a movie or stop the making of a movie," he stated.

Right before Galgos came together, Bozek picked up SelleVision.

"I love how rich and idiosyncratic the world is," Fuller offered. "Augusten Burroughs has such sharp wit; I got sucked up by all the characters."

Initially, he approached Bozek and Nuse about turning SelleVision into a TV series, but they were looking to turn it into a movie.

When turning the book into a feature didn't happen, Fuller seized the opportunity because the property was now available.

Separately, Singer had contacted Burroughs about SelleVision, and has wanted to make it for a few years.

Things got easier when Fuller, Singer, Bozek and Nuse, all represented by WME, came together to do the project.

"The talent of this team, coupled with Mark's years of experience with the subject matter, promises to deliver a fun, contemporary and original show," Singer stated.