Jake Gyllenhaal loves BossLogic's latest Spider-Man: Far From Home and Bubble Boy mashup. The world is undergoing a lot of stress at the moment and BossLogic has been working hard to keep comic book fans entertained. Gyllenhaal stumbled upon the artist's new mashup and it gave him a good laugh, so he decided to pay it forward and share it with his fans on social media.

A lot of people feel like Bubble Boy at the moment as everyone tries their best to practice social distancing and stay at home. With that in mind, BossLogic took Jake Gyllenhaal's Jimmy Livingston character from the 2001 movie and turned him into Spider-Man: Far From Home's Mysterio. He's standing in an empty toilet paper aisle with the last few rolls in his hands promoting the "Bubble Man" movie. Gyllenhaal had this to say about the excellent poster.

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"Leave it to my man BossLogic to bring a smile to my face. We're already hard at work on never bringing this to any screen anywhere ever."

While Jake Gyllenhaal got a good laugh from BossLogic's poster, he made sure for people to know that they definitely are not preparing to make a Bubble Boy sequel. Fans of the comedy will just have to keep waiting because it will probably never happen, which is for the best when it comes down to it. But, that doesn't mean we won't see Gyllenhaal's Mysterio again. While it has not been confirmed, there has been a lot of talk about a possible cameo in Spider-Man 3.

Peter Parker actor Tom Holland has read the Spider-Man 3 script and says that it's "insane." He did not offer up any other information about the highly anticipated sequel, though he could end up giving us some spoilers as time passes. The movie is scheduled to begin shooting this summer and is still on track, as far as we know. Everything in Hollywood has pretty much been put on hold for the moment, which has yet to directly effect Spider-Man 3. That doesn't mean that it can't happen though. We should find out soon enough though.

Will Jake Gyllenhaal return as Mysterio in Spider-Man 3? That is unclear at the moment, but it would make sense after the events of the last installment. There are plenty of fans who don't believe the villain died and that it's all tied to a new illusion. It seems unlikely that he would be the main villain again, but stranger things have happened. For now, we'll just have to wait and see what ends up happening when production begins. Perhaps we'll see some leaked pictures of Gyllenhaal on the set, like the ones that confirmed his presence in Spider-Man: Far From Home before it was confirmed. You can check out BossLogic's latest work of art below, thanks to Jake Gyllenhaal's Instagram account.

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